We Collaborate with stakeholders

To provides food relief
services to communities

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We work with,

Partner Institutions
To tackle Health Issues

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We encourage entrepreneurship

through access to
micro-finance facilities

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What we do

We do it to grow Africa


We sees agricultural underdevelopment as a major threat to overall economic development of the region

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We works with local, national and international institutions to confront these health challenges

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Micro Enterprise

Sustainable livelihood is vital for economic development.We provide access to micro-finance facilities.

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It provides opportunities for people of diverse culture to come together to learn about different views of life.

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Helping each other can
make world better

The Africa Diaspora Partnership For Empowerment & Development (ADPED) is a not-for profit organization with membership from people of all nationalities, creed, and gender, who are bound together by a strong commitment to empowering people of Africa and the Diaspora to achieve community-led, self-reliant, sustainable livelihood and development.

The mission of the Africa-Diaspora Partnership for Empowerment Development (ADPED) is to promote self-reliant, community-led sustainable development in Africa and the Diaspora.

Institutional Framework

For empowering peoples and
communities especially in Africa
and the Diaspora

Strategic Partnerships

With people and institutions
who are committed to grow
economic viabilty

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Join the Team &
Help others

ADPED strongly believes that development programs and projects are sustainable only to the extent that they enhance, and capitalize on, the human, social, institutional and natural resource endowment of the beneficiaries. Hence, ADPED’s programs and services are conceptualized, financed, implemented, and evaluated with the full and active participation of their beneficiaries.

Our Mission

Promote self-reliant, community-led
sustainable development

Our Vision

Africa's ablity to
maximize human and social capitals

Join your hand with us for a
better life and future