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The Africa Diaspora Partnership for Empowerment and Development (ADPED) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization composed of people of all races, gender, creeds, ethnic and nationalities, who are bound together by a common commitment to assisting the poor and their communities to achieve self-reliant social and economic development.

ADPED accomplishes this by developing and strengthening strategic alliances between individuals, the civil society, local communities and their indigenous institutions, and the international development community. ADPED members, associates, partners and sponsors are committed to contributing their talents, resources and time towards the goal enhancing Africa's potential for self-reliant, and sustainable economic, social, political and cultural development.

Our Mission

The mission of the Africa-Diaspora Partnership for Empowerment Development (ADPED) is to promote self-reliant, community-led sustainable development in Africa and the Diaspora. ADPED's raison d'ĂȘtre (reason for being) is to provide an institutional framework for empowering peoples and communities especially in Africa and the Diaspora, to achieve self-reliant sustainable livelihoods through strategic alliances and partnerships among people and institutions who are committed to contributing their talents, time, and resources towards achieving the vision of an economically vibrant, socially, and politically stable Africa that is able to take its rightful place in the community of humanity.

ADPED develops strategic alliances and partnerships with individuals, the civil society, local communities and their indigenous institutions, and the international development community, with the goal to enhancing each community's potential for a self-reliant and sustainable development. ADPED's mission is under girded by the community-led development model based on the principle that each community must be assisted to decide on their own development pathway.

ADPED believes that for too long, "poverty experts" within the international and national development communities have decided the development pathways for the poor, with minimal inputs from the poor.. We strongly believe that the poor, who are the true poverty experts, deserve to have a voice and a place at the table when decisions are being taken about their development.
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Support our activities today financially or in-kind donations. To donate, please contact us by email at alongeaj@adped.org . Thank you for your support!



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