The Barry-ADPAED YEP is funded by the US State Department's Bureau of Cultural Education Affairs for the specific Purpose to provide opportunities for people of diverse culture to come together to learn about different point of views and ways of life. Cross-cultural understanding is, we believe, a fundamental step in promoting friendships and world peace.

In May 2010, 60 outstanding entrepreneurs were selected from a nation-wide completion to receive specialized training in Abuja. The E60, as it came to be called, met in Abuja in 2010 and participated in business plan development workshop offered by the ADPED-Barry Partnership and sponsored by the US State Department. Of the E60, 20 individuals and two mentors were selected for their exceptional presentations of their business models as well as passion for their industry and business.

The E20, as it is now called, and their two mentors, have visited Miami, FL USA for a month-long exchange and training program to strengthen their entrepreneurship skills. More importantly, the specific purpose of the four-week exchange program is to empower participants with the entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitude to successfully manage their own business upon returning to Nigeria.
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